Chief Human Resources Officer

$ 250,000 - 350,000 Per year
Full time
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10 Jun 2020
10 Jul 2020

Job Description

Goodallbrazier is looking for a CHRO based in Kentucky

Competitive salary and a 50% bonus and relocation package offered and equity.

Incredible salary and an amazing bonus structure and equity with relocation offered if your are not local. This is for an outstanding $1Billion revenue organization that has great investment and support and continue to grow.

The Chief Human Resource Officer is in charge of overseeing all aspects of human resources (HR), its practices, and operations in order to meet the needs of the constantly evolving business. The role of the Chief Human Resources Officer is to build upon the business’s current people programs and service delivery strategies, enhancing organizational decision-making and approaches for securing growth on a business-wide scale.

The Chief Human Resources Officer is an active member of the Executive Committee as well as a key executive partner and coach who is tasked with facilitating strategic planning and initiatives, change management, and organizational design.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Chief Human Resources Officer

Leadership/Supervisory Role: The most prominent role of the Chief Human Resources Officer is his leadership role where he leads long-range strategic planning in order to anticipate the innovation of change initiatives that promote people's productivity, organizational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

She oversees and is accountable for all activities of the human resources department. In his leadership position he provides overall leadership and guidance to HR functions by overseeing the administration, talent acquisition, training and development, career development, and so forth.

The Chief Human Resources Officer is responsible for ensuring that the business’s values are clearly communicated and understood at all levels of the business, clarifying employee conduct that is necessary for realizing an engaging, high-performance culture within the business.

The Chief Human Resources Officer additionally ensures that the organizational design and rewards structure is reflective of a dynamic business environment and up-to-date modes of working in an increasingly competitive business environment. Where necessary, the Chief Human Resources Officer also intervenes and mediates conflicts in a manner that is reflective of the business and that leads to an appropriate resolution.

Strategy: The Chief Human Resources Officer is responsible for formulating strategies that lead to quality and depth in the talent employed in the business. This is inclusive of leadership, employee development, and the securing of future business growth with a focus on talent, and business culture or company culture. In this capacity, the Chief Human Resources Officer ensures the establishment of sound strategies across the HR department, making sure that all strategies correspond with the overall business objectives.

She or He also develops comprehensive strategic recruiting and retention plans that meet the business’s human capital needs. The Chief Human Resources Officer is further tasked with developing and implementing comprehensive compensation and benefits strategies that are cost-effective for the business. The Chief Human Resources Officer additionally functions as the strategic business advisor to the business executives and departmental heads in regard to key business and management issues.

Analytics: Chief Human Resources Officer further plays an analytical role where he monitors, analyses, and identifies strategic needs, gaps, and risks. In his analytical role, the Chief Human Resources Officer further leverages management tools that identify, align, and build on the business’s human capital capabilities in order to achieve overall business results and reach desired targets.

He leads the HR department in the analysis and evaluation of employee performance, identification of gaps, and creation of strategies from those analyses to cultivate talent and improve performance at all levels of the business. The Chief Human Resources Officer forwards the findings of his analyses to other business executives for use in resolving issues and driving the business’s agenda.

Collaboration: This role is also highly collaborative and the Chief Human Resources Officer will find himself in collaboration with fellow executives in an effort to better to understand, analyze, and support the needs of the business, leading to the subsequent establishment of suitable strategies. The Chief Human Resources Officer additionally works closely with the union organization in an effort to implement union representation management tools and programs and, hence, fair labor practices across the business.

Knowledge: The Chief Human Resources Officer keeps up with the latest industry trends and best practices, ensuring optimal performance of the HR department, which in turn influences the performance of the various departments.


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