• 30 June 2017
  • 5 min read

How Do We Create Awareness And A Better Environment For Deaf Children?

  • Eva Nganga
    Criminology MSc Student

Without undermining the attention drawn to individuals receiving special care, how often do we consider the needs of deaf children in the society?

As human beings, we can empathise with individuals suffering vision impairment as the eyes are windows to admire the beauty in creation.

We desire to help the physically handicapped, as they are unable to experience movement in one form or another. There are currently over 45, 000 deaf children residing in the UK, with four children being born deaf daily.

This means over 45, 000 families may, or may not, have any experience in raising a deaf child. Parents of these children deserve as much assistance, physically and emotionally, as their children do.

It is unfortunate that most of the organisations that support and enhance awareness for deaf children rely on the generosity of donations. Numerous fundraising opportunities are given to willing participants to try and raise money towards the care of deaf children, as well as support families raising a deaf child.

Campaigns have also been launched to ensure deaf children are well represented in the community in terms of education, suitable living environments, physical and mental health services and helping the families achieve as much normalcy as possible.

Deaf children are also twice as likely to experience verbal abuse. This may result in poor self-image and lead to them isolating themselves and exhibiting reclusive tendencies.

It is therefore important to observe and maintain their emotional and psychological well-being.

Helping families cope and adjust with living with a deaf child is important.

Many of these families have no knowledge on how to raise one. The funds organizations raise go towards professional advice, guiding parents/families on day-to-day living, providing information on various auditory disorders, educating them on how to better communicate with deaf children, how to choose the right schools for their children and introducing equipment and technology gadgets that may ease their experience at home and in school.

Donations and fundraising can only do so much. We need to increase awareness of the number of deaf children living in the UK. Education and the support they need may be guaranteed, but are they assured of equal opportunities in the future?

Will that “fresh out of high school” teen be offered the same employment opportunities at the local barista as others his age?

Will they stand the chance to attend the college/university of their dreams and not be discriminated against?

They deserve the same standards of living as we all do.

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  • Eva Nganga
    Criminology MSc Student

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  • Eva Nganga
    Criminology MSc Student

I am a Criminology MSc Student.

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