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Niche Jobs Ltd Privacy Policy is a job advertising website run by Niche Jobs Ltd. Niche Jobs Ltd is not an employment agency and does not undertake such activities as would be consistent with acting as an agency.

This privacy policy applies only to this website. If you do not accept this privacy policy, you must not use the website. A user will have been deemed to have accepted our Privacy Policy when they register their details on the site, or set up a job alert emails.

We are committed to ensuring our user's privacy in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act, as well as ensuring a safe and secure user experience.

Personal (identifiable) information

When users submit identifiable* information to the website they are given the choice as to whether they wish their details to be visible to companies advertising on the website.

  • By selecting 'Allow companies to contact me about jobs', this means that a user's information, as it is entered on the website, may be viewed by companies who use our CV Search tool or watchdog function. At no point does Niche Jobs Ltd distribute a user's information to third parties beyond what we may be legally obligated to do.
  • By selecting 'I don't wish to be contacted about jobs by companies looking to hire', this means that a user's information will only be visible to a company advertising on the site if a user applies to a job being advertised by that company.

Whilst Niche Jobs Ltd makes every effort to restrict CV access to legitimate companies only, it cannot be held responsible for how CVs are used by third parties once they have been downloaded from our database.

  • Identifiable information is anything that is unique to a user (i.e. email addresses, telephone numbers and CV files).

Niche Jobs Ltd may from time to time send email-shots on behalf of third parties to users. Users can unsubscribe from mailshots using the unsubscribe link in the email or by contacting Niche Jobs Ltd via the Contact Us page on the website.

Non-identifiable information

Niche Jobs Ltd may also collect information (via cookies) about users and how they interact with the site, for purposes of performance measuring and statistics. This information is aggregated, so is not identifiable on an individual user basis.

Users may choose to accept or deny cookies from Niche Jobs Ltd, but users should be aware that if cookies are not permitted it may adversely affect a user’s experience of the site.

Removal of stored information

Niche Jobs Ltd reserves the right to remove user information from the database if that information is deemed obsolete or used in a way that is detrimental to the performance of the website or the reputation of the business as a whole.

A user may remove their details by selecting the 'Remove my account' option from their account menu, or by requesting the removal of their details via the 'Contact Us' link on the website. A confirmation of this removal will be sent to the user by Niche Jobs Ltd.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, you may contact us at:

Niche Jobs Ltd.
30-34 North Street
East Sussex
BN27 1DW
United Kingdom

For Advertisers:

Niche Jobs Ltd makes every effort to ensure that advertiser details are kept safely and securely.

Advertiser details are kept in our secure database and are not distributed to third parties without express permission. Payment details are securely stored in third party systems.

This Privacy Policy is correct as of March 2016.


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Can Yoga Help Us Cope With Our Jobs In Care?

Can Yoga Help Us Cope With Our Jobs In Care?

Social workers are expected to work with patients and families, supporting them through difficult times. But whilst they’re helping others, how are they looking after themselves?

Written by Luisa Demant

Embodied Yoga Principles are a form of yoga which help create deep personal insights, and emphasise psychological self-awareness and transfer of skills to normal life.

Luisa Demant tells us about her work helping social workers cope with their jobs, through the power of these Principles.

Read on to find out more.

In kindergarten, our class visited a different institution once a week, spending time in an “integrative” setting with children with disabilities. Having a strong sense for social justice, even as a 4-year-old child, I couldn’t understand why these children couldn’t go to the same institution as other children and, even worse, disappear into “special schools” afterwards.

This experience has influenced my whole career and life.

After school, I studied social work, gaining knowledge in the areas of law, sociology, pedagogics, and education for several target groups, always hoping to dive deeper into the field of research.

After being accepted for a scholarship at the Max-Planck- Institute for Social Policy and Social Justice in Munich, Germany, I started my Ph.D. research project on educational participation, professional development, and counselling. I also worked as a university lecturer both in Munich and in Dortmund, Germany, training aspiring social workers, rehabilitation workers and teachers for special education.

What I loved about working at the university, was the deep knowledge I developed both through research, and through teaching young and enthusiastic students.

On the other hand, I found the long hours working in front of a computer screen challenging and un-motivating. I quickly realised how being active kept my body and mind healthy.

After finishing my Ph.D, I moved to London to take a break from academia and fulfil a long-held dream; Vinyasa Flow yoga with a specialisation in Embodied Yoga Principles.

I now combine my interest in professional development for people working in social services, with the concepts of yoga, embodiment, and mindfulness.

My aim is to tackle one of the biggest issues in social services, helping social workers develop professional skills to deliver great work and stay healthy and safe in their jobs. With this goal in mind, I have developed specialised Embodied Social Professional workshops on topics including self-care for social workers, setting boundaries in social work, relationships in social work, and authority vs. laissez-faire.

Attendees learn to understand their personal patterns, and develop new professional habits. The approach is based on Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP), which raises self-awareness and encourages the development of variety and choices both in everyday life and in professional actions.

After the course, participants will possess a toolbox of practices that can be used to reflect on their current situation, relationships, and interactions in their work and personal lives. This forms a foundation on which continuing professional development can be built.

Further information on Embodied Yoga Principles.

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